Pearl is a linguistic anthropologist with an MA from in anthropology from Hunter College, CUNY. She is interested in diasporic identities in the United States, especially the linguistic negotiation of "Asian" and "American" identities by those who self-identify as Asian American. Of particular interest to her are the practices of individuals with "contested" Asian American identities because they are monolingual English speakers and/or they self-identify (and are identified by others) as multiethnic or multiracial. Other research interests include the role of food and cuisine in identity, linguistic ideologies and and gender and sexuality, especially the intersection of gender and sexuality with video gaming communities. Her master's thesis examined the ways in which Eddie Huang, host of Vice's food and culture series Fresh Off the Boat (now replaced by Huang's World), spoke about different foods in various situations and how such food discourse was a means for performing an ethno-racial identity interactionally.

Pearl's CV can be downloaded by clicking here (PDF format).